Contact Centers
ARCSmart operates domestic and international contact centers, offering tremendous capacity with nearly 1,600 web-enabled agent stations and the ability to process approximately 4 million transactions per month. These full-service centers handle up to 100% of the activity for several of our clients' complete customer contact needs, with full multilingual support in Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and German.

All centers operate 24 hours a day, 365 days per year and offer fully integrated communication capabilities including:
Inbound call handling Outbound call contact
Email management Live chat

All facilities are seamlessly linked for systems management and operations, operational redundancy, data sharing, and program reporting. ARCSmart contact center locations include national and global locations.

ARCSmart Specialists are experienced in working with multiple and sometimes complex product sets, as well as a variety of potential customer care inquiries. Agents are highly trained in the features and benefits of multiple products and services, and use probing questions coupled with consultative skills to determine the specific needs and challenges of each contact.

ARCSmart offers support in:

Inbound and Outbound Customer Care

  • Product and Technical Questions/Assistance
  • Warranty Servicing 
  • Added-value Product and Services Sales
  • Billing Support (including Collections) 
  • Welcome Calls and Service Follow-Up Calls
  • Survey Calls including Customer Satisfaction and Data Collection
Sales Inbound and Outbound
  • One- and Two-Step Sales/Customer Acquisition Programs
  • Lead Generation – Business to Consumer and Business to Business 
  • Appointment Setting
  • Save Desk / Winback / Retention
  • Field Sales Support – Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, Order Entry 
  • Referral Programs / Web Support
  • Retail sales support 
BPO / Back Office Support / Onshoring Solutions
  • Web site content moderation
  • Billing/payment collection 
  • Data entry
  • Database maintenance 
  • Mail processing 
  • White mail management
  • eMail management
  • Rebate and coupon processing
  • Renewals processing (memberships, subscriptions) 
  • Transcription services
  • Warranty registration / management
  • Applications processing
  • Language line/translation services