Customer Data is Meaningless When it's Not Accessible

ARCSmart is a proprietary database management and reporting system that resides on our secure server, pulling weekly data downloads from a direct link to a client billing system or customer database. ARCSmart's Web-based desktop querying tool allows multiple users across multiple locations to drill down through the data for intelligent research and reporting that is not normally available through existing client datasets.

Typical metrics include:

  • Customer consumption patterns and product purchase history
  • Segmentation of customers by tenure, product set, revenue generated
  • Customer profiling by age, household income, education, ethnicity, etc.
  • Performance measurement across customer segments, products set, or geography
  • Trend analyses
  • Customer satisfaction scoring

ARCSmart's multidimensional cube structure is populated with data from all relevant enterprise data sources that generate a true consolidated view of the customer. ARCSmart can also overlay existing customer data with rich demographic and psychographic data to provide a more complete profile of the customer base and its associated segments.

Benefits of ARCSmart

ARCSmart empowers strategic marketers to derive the business insights and analyses they need, while leveraging the accessibility and simplicity of the Web-based tool to make information available securely enterprise-wide. In addition, client IT departments escape the labor, cost and risk commonly associated with marketing system projects, freeing them to focus on other vital organizational functions.

The ARCSmart “drill-down” functionality generates an immediate benefit by allowing users to generate customer lists within minutes for targeted marketing campaigns based on easy-to-generate queries. Users may create their own “dashboard” summary reports and place reports in the dashboards of others. For further flexibility, reports and queries may be exported to Excel, HTML, PDF, Text, or CSV. ARCSmart also has the flexibility to manage access of multiple users at multiple levels and locations to maximize security and confidentiality.

Results of ARCSmart

ARCSmart enhances customer intelligence and decision-making, which leads to:

  • Effective customer ACTIVATION
  • Improved customer RETENTION
  • Efficient customer CULTIVATION

Refine your marketing plan by analyzing your customers with ARCSmart. Better understanding of your customers means better marketing decisions, which means better ROI.

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