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It shouldn’t be surprising that businesses today are constantly looking for ways to bring back customers who have left them. Consider that 48% of consumers report that the single greatest influence on customer loyalty is the quality of the customer experience (more important than even price or product quality!), yet only 8% of consumers feel that they get a superior customer experience from the companies they deal with.*

ARCSmarts’ proprietary automatic customer retention marketing system, Customer 1st, provides a disciplined, yet flexible approach that enables business managers to maintain targeted customer retention and cultivation at the forefront of marketing activities, thus proactively minimizing customer losses and eliminating the need for costly Save and Winback efforts.

With Customer 1st, naturally occurring events during a customer's lifecycle and changes in product usage are anticipated and designed to trigger specific corresponding communications that speak to the customer in a relevant and timely fashion, through virtually any channel available:

  • Direct mail
  • Outbound call
  • E-mail
  • Web interaction
  • Automated voice broadcast message

Specific business rules allow the process to be automated, thereby ensuring ongoing and consistent messaging in a controlled environment. The timing, content, accuracy, and relevance of customer communications are controlled. A one-time design process drives all customer communications, with flexibility to modify or enhance certain specifications at any time along the way.

Typical communications might include:

  • Welcome Calls
  • First Bill Review
  • Newsletters
  • Periodic Usage Stimulation
  • Trouble Call/Service Visit Follow-up
  • Cross-sell/Upsell
  • Anniversary Rewards
  • Satisfaction Surveys
  • Contract Renewals
  • Proactive Retain/Save

Benefits of Customer 1st

  • Design once; execution is ongoing and automatic
  • Customized to your needs, not cookie-cutter
  • Timing and cadence are controlled
  • Consistency of message is ensured
  • All customer segments are addressed
  • Production efficiencies are maximized – mail piece “shells” are printed upfront to develop a mail piece library, and variable-imaged offers and messages are personalized upon execution of each scheduled communication
  • Postal discounts are optimized by sorting multiple communication streams by geography for maximum postal discounts
  • Flexibility in offers and messaging – information can be edited on the fly, as market conditions warrant

Results of Customer 1st

  • Customers develop an affinity for your brand
  • Customers become ambassadors for your company
  • Improved retention rates help to recoup initial acquisition costs and provide a quicker path to profits
  • Churn rates are reduced – up to 28% reduction
  • ROI is increased – potential to more than double based on reduced churn plus increased units per customer
  • Typical direct mail response rates increase
    • National average for direct mail is 2.61% (DMA Study, reported in Direct Magazine, 11/03)
    • ARCSmart clients using Customer 1st experience direct mail response rates of 3.6% to 10.7%!

Improve your ROI through our Customer 1st program
By reducing churn rates as much as 28%, you’ll enjoy the benefits of keeping customers. You don’t lose your initial investment in acquiring them and, in the long run, you keep the continued profits from each loyal customer.

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* CCNG International



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