Communications Platform 
Affinitas facilities utilize a Cisco UCCE Platform for Inbound calls, Outbound calls, E-mail management and Chat capability. Affinitas’ install of this system is the latest and most advanced version, having been installed in Q1 2010. The Cisco UCCE system is a fully redundant, inbound and outbound blended system. It provides our clients’ programs with windows-based screens with an open architecture that offers flexibility for program customization and in-process changes.

Integration of these channels reduces the amount of inbound calls received, and increases the effectiveness and efficiency of customers serviced since agents are able to handle more inbound conversations. In addition, many customers prefer these methods of communication, and these conversations can be saved and documented.

Call Routing
Cisco ICM software provides the functionality for intelligent call routing where business rules are entered through a state-of-the-art Windows-based environment, and the software translates the business rules into algorithmic logic that will appropriately segment callers and then direct each call to the appropriate agent pool in one or multiple Affinitas facilities.

Call Monitoring
The Cisco platform’s integrated call monitoring system not only shares the agent’s spoken words, but also provides a display of data being captured and entered during the call. The system also provides digital recording of all call conversations, as well as a record of data captures. Clients have the capability to dial into a dedicated phone number for remote monitoring.

Affinitas currently provides both IVR and VRU services in-house. Both can be custom built to accommodate specific client needs. The IVR can handle multiple levels of menu branching and then route the caller appropriately, while our VRU can interact with a customer and capture appropriate information.

Knowledge Bases
Affinitas has developed its own in-house Intranet and agent portals that have the flexibility to link to external client knowledge-centers as well as our own in-house knowledge bases. We can also integrate external intelligence such as segmentation schemas and system-specific offer preferences that can be updated in real-time.

Computer-Telephony Integration
Affinitas systems are able to interface with third party applications or preloaded databases to access specific caller information that can be used for intelligent call routing and targeted scripting.

A standard suite of program reports provide daily, weekly and month-to-date statistics for all inbound and outbound activity. Reports can be provided to clients in 30 minute intervals, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or as requested in a PDF standard reporting format, an Excel format, or flat file.

Data Security
Affinitas works with sensitive information for many of our clients’ customers, including but not limited to, credit card numbers, phone numbers, full names and address information. We also take payments over the phone and frequently access client billing systems. Affinitas is level 4 PCI compliant, a certified organization through Trustwave, and will soon be SAS 70 certified. Our business process includes privacy and security compliance reviews, and we retain external legal counsel who review our operational privacy and security practices to assure ongoing compliance.

A variety of training methods and tools are used that incorporate various learning styles, and often more than one method is used concurrently in order to provide the most comprehensive training possible, including:

  • Class Lectures
  • Video and Screen Projections
  • Role-Play with Scripting and Systems
  • Live/Recorded Call Monitoring
  • Side-by-Side Monitoring/Call Coaching
  • Tests and Quizzes
  • Certification

Affinitas Supervisors and the QA Department identify areas for improvement for each agent through their monitoring efforts, with retraining/enhancement classes scheduled to focus on specific areas.


Quality Assurance
The QA department’s mission is to ensure that all of our associates are representing and presenting an image that is aligned with our clients’ brand. It is imperative that the end customer has a positive impression of the call. Quality standards are incorporated into our training curriculum. Affinitas QA specialists enter the results of agent evaluations into a proprietary database that enables trending and analytics of agent performance data. QA associates have the ability to escalate in real time any urgent call handling violations that are discovered during monitoring.