A Comprehensive Multicultural Solution

Census estimates indicate a 24% growth in the U.S. Hispanic population since the last census, with exponential growth in each subsequent census year. However, studies indicate that U.S. companies are virtually ignoring this rapidly growing market, with only 2.4% of marketing budgets being allocated to this segment.**

ARCSmart is the best choice to support your customers who speak English as a second language. We have dedicated Hispanic customer care teams equipped to help your company exceed this market's expectations as well as teams with multi-lingual capabilities, including English, Italian, German, Portuguese and French.

More Than Just Translators

The agents on our Hispanic teams are not only fluent, they are truly multilingual, having grown up speaking both Spanish and English, and they have no noticeable accent when speaking either language. Plus, they have been immersed in both cultures, so they have an intimate understanding of the nuances of the language and the culture, and they can connect with your customers and prospects.

The effectiveness of our Hispanic teams is proven in the numbers. Because our agents are able to easily converse in English and Spanish to meet the customer's preference, our teams were able to exceed one client's sales goal by nearly 100%.

Because your customers will be able to converse in their native language when they choose, they will enjoy a more rewarding customer experience and a more positive association with your company.

On-shore and Off-shore Options

Our facility in Gilbert , Arizona and the facility in Córdoba , Argentina , South America , offer specialized teams to accommodate your customers who speak Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese and French.

Both of these facilities have full teams of Supervisors, Trainers, Quality Assurance and front-line agents with multilingual and multicultural capabilities.

Visit Gilbert and Córdoba for more information.

Additional Marketing Opportunities

We can also help your multicultural efforts through other marketing channels. Our Marketing Services team has experience developing impactful promotions in direct mail, print ads, and online to target customers and prospects who speak English as a second language.